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we are storm 

The idea for S.T.O.R.M. began in Texas with Hurricane Harvey, while working with volunteer organizations, assisting in floodwater rescues by boat. We spent approximately 2 weeks in Texas and observed how the federal, state, and local governments and their agencies responded.

We noticed that no matter how well trained the local emergency management personnel were, they were overwhelmed with the magnitude and size of this particularly large disaster zone. With all the personnel of all the local emergency management agencies, they still weren’t enough to respond adequately to the needs of the survivors. More hands on deck were desperately needed. 

We also got a chance to see how the larger charitable organizations responded or in many cases were absent and didn’t respond at all. We took all of our learning experiences from Texas and moved on to the Florida Keys for Hurricane Irma rescue and relief. Each step of the way we saw more and more ways people could be helped much quicker, but nobody was doing it...

We watched organizations who have been trusted to respond to disasters for years, but who had no real plan to respond to such disasters effectively. Over and over we saw holes and voids in the current systems that could be fixed or made better. This is what gave us the inspiration for STORM. 

We saw the need to assemble small teams of specialized individuals trained in rescue and relief response, that was easily mobilized effectively and quickly into disaster areas, could set up Incident Command Posts with satellite communications, clear multiple areas of debris making it safe to bring emergency personnel relief and aid into the disaster zone, then work with NETWORKED and VETTED 501(c)3s to bring that relief and aid into the area most needed.

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